From the desk of KV Kumar

IAICC Chamber of Commerce Opposes the Proclamation Restricting Legal Immigration and Work Visas to the United States

Legal immigration is vital to America’s economic recovery for low and high tech jobs post COVID-19.

Indian American International Chamber of Commerce (IAICC) Board of Directors issues the following statement related to the proclamation signed today by the President of the United States seeking to restrict immigrants from entering the country through the end of 2020 by restricting H-1B, H-2B, J, and L work visas:

IAICC is concerned about the negative impact that yesterday's proclamation will add to America’s economy at a time when we should embrace innovation, technology, and human capital to promote economic growth towards recovery and expansion.

Since our founding as a nation, immigrants have built the strongest economy in the world.

One out of ten jobs in America are created by an immigrant-owned business, and American immigrants contribute 15% towards the overall American economy each year, according to the Economic Policy Institute. We must continue to work towards rescuing and strengthening our economy by embracing our collective economic impact.

According to the Migration Policy Institute, an estimated 377,000 potential temporary workers and green card holders could be impacted by this measure.

We oppose yesterday's decision and urge the Administration to support American businesses by facilitating opportunities to leverage the economic power of temporary visa and green card holders.

Immigrants are frontline essential workers. Immigrants are working in hospitals, conducting research, inventing innovative technology, and leading breakthroughs in modern medicine. Now more than ever, immigrants need our support.